Military Scholarships

The GI bill allows those who are serving or have served in the military, and their families, the opportunity to pursue higher education or training. If you've served in the military, or if you're a relative or dependant of someone in the military, you may be eligible for military scholarships, grants or awards. Browse the list below to see sample military scholarships and awards available in our free scholarship search database.

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Air Force
Air Force, child of member
Air Force, spouse of member
Army, child of member
Army, spouse of member
Civil Air Patrol
Civil Air Patrol, child of member
Coast Guard
Coast Guard, child of member
Coast Guard, spouse of member
Confederate veteran descendant
Marines, child of member
Marines, spouse of member
Medal of Honor, child of recipient
National Guard
National Guard, child of member
Navy Wives Clubs of America (NWCA)
Navy, child of member
Navy, spouse of member
Reserve Officers' Training Corps, Army
Veteran, child of one deceased from service
Veteran, child of one deceased or disabled from service
Veteran, child of one MIA or POW
Veteran, spouse of one deceased from service
Veteran, spouse of one deceased or disabled from service
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