Benefits of paying on time

Paying your student loans on time may help you build or keep an excellent credit record and may save you money.

It's a great way to show you are a responsible borrower.

How can I make sure I pay my student loan on time?

Sallie Mae's automatic debit is the most convenient way to make your student loan payments on time!

There are no checks to write, no stamps to buy, and no late payments. Your monthly student loan payment is automatically deducted from your checking or savings account. Log in to Manage Your Loans to sign up for automatic debit. Some Sallie Mae loans may qualify for an interest rate reduction when you enroll them in an automatic debit plan. Check Manage Your Loans to see if your student loan qualifies!

Can you send me reminders?

Sallie Mae has a variety of billing and notification options. See Making a payment for all the details.

Are there other ways to help pay down my student loans?

Yes, with Upromise Loan Link®. Student and parent borrowers who join Upromise® can link their Sallie Mae loan account to their Upromise account and use their Upromise rewards to help pay down their eligible Sallie Mae-serviced student loans.

Upromise by Sallie Mae members can turn everyday spending into savings for education by shopping with participating companies who will contribute a portion of their qualified spending into their Upromise account. Once borrowers become Upromise members, they can invite family and friends to join and contribute their rewards to the borrower's Upromise account to increase savings. Enroll today.